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Team GreensutraTeam Greensutra Staff answered 3 months ago

Rainwater Harvesting is the activity of saving rain water for later use. Good rainwater harvesting systems must ensure that not a drop of rainwater is let into the sewerage or wasted as runoff.

All good rainwater harvesting systems have the following characteristics that if adopted ensure maximum efficiency:

  • Completeness: To ensure that runoff from maximum collectible areas can be harvested.
  • Apportioning of water: To ensure that the system is not overloaded which may lead to wastage of rain water by means of overflowing or other losses.
  • Proper design: To ensure consideration of the total volume of water that will be harvested and released to flow through the soil in the area or sewerage  after use should be considered.
  • Maintainability: Design should incorporate features allowing for periodic maintenance, cleaning and scaling of the structure.