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Team GreensutraTeam Greensutra Staff answered 3 months ago

Electricity is wasted in the form of phantom draw or vampire power or standby power when electronic devices which are not in use are kept plugged in.

On an average, 5% electricity consumed every month is consumed as vampire power or standby power or phantom load.

Here is an approximate of the electricity wasted of some commonly know devices and appliances when not in use or left plugged in:

  • Air-Conditioner: Approximately 1 Watts (depending on the technology of the air-conditioner)
  • Fans: Approximately 2 to 6 Watts (depending on the size and type of fan in use)
  • Lights: Approximately 18 Watts (depending on the technology, size and type of light in use)
  • Laptop: Approximately 50 Watt (when not charging)
  • Mobile Charger: Approximately 1 Watt (when not charging)

For the devices that are connected to the charger even after being completely charged, electricity drawn will be as per the rating of the respective chargers and often damage the device or device battery.

To know more about electricity wastage because of phantom load or standby power or vampire power visit: https://www.greensutra.in/vampire-units/