About Us

Today everyone is committed to make smart choices for waste, energy and the environment. It is our belief that everyone wants to participate in cleaner practices and make their contribution.

About Us - Greensutra | India


What is Greensutra


Greensutra is a web platform which was founded to help encourage in the Green Practices and Technologies. It is a platform to learn, grow, share and discuss.


Greensutra is Knowledge Based


We have come to believe that everything today is influenced by availability of accurate data. Keeping this in mind, we have developed features that enable you access to the most relevant data in all different formats.

Generally data is often collected by referencing encyclopedias, asking questions, discussing with peers and keeping oneself updated to recent stories. With the help of GreenPedia, Expert's Corner, Concepts & Ideas and Stories. Greensutra aims to organize this data for easy access. Greensutra is place where you can ask questions, read up on existing technologies or DIY's and hacks for savings, share your discoveries or even maybe rediscoveries.


 Our Mission

Our mission is very simple. We want to reduce the rate at which all of us are destroying our environment whilst finding solutions to reverse or fix the damages already done.


"We love what we do and it's who we are!"